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Dan In Alaska

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Nov 30, 2007
Not a lot going on in this section, so I figured I’d post something new down here.

I haven't done much shotgun shooting, since moving to Alaska in 2001. I find myself reminiscing my younger days, when my dad, brother, sister, and I used to shoot at 2-3 different trap and skeet clubs during the week, and then we'd hit the sporting clays ranges on the weekends. Damn, those were some good times!

My niece and nephews shot in their high school trap leagues in Minnesota. They have all graduated, now, but they still shoot pretty regularly. We hit the trap or sporting clays range, every time we're down there to visit, and their enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. I added several new shotguns to the safe this year. Pretty stupid, since I haven't been shooting the ones I already have! 😁

Two of the "new" shotguns are from a family friend. He was always a big part of our trap & skeet shooting endeavors, when we were kids. He isn't doing well health-wise, these days, and he wanted to get his shotguns to someone that would appreciate them. I tried, but he wouldn't let me buy them.

I remember his Model 12, fondly, and I'm pretty sure I was at the gun show when he bought it in the late 80s. The aftermarket wood is about the same age for the pre-64 Model 12, itself. It's a good looking shotgun:

Closer pictures of the wood:

He told me shotgun has not been refinished, so I guess he didn't shoot it as much as I thought he did. The bluing is in amazingly good shape.

The second shotgun he gave me is an LC Smith Field Grade 20ga. He bought this through the Shotgun News, in the early 80's. The serial number puts it in the late 40s. I forget if he said it was made 1947 or '49. I don't remember seeing this particular shotgun, and when I mentioned it to him, he said he never shot it. He just bought it, because he liked LC Smiths. He still has his 12ga and 16ga versions. This 20ga has 28" barrels.

If you knew this guy, you'd recognize that he's a little OCD, and I mean that in a good way. He took exceptionally good care of his guns.

The original case hardening is still in great shape!

The newest to the shotgun collection is a Fabarm XLR5 Velocity. I recently purchased this through Gunbroker. My dad and sister have been shooting their own XLR5s for several years, so of course, I should have one too!

Perhaps it's not a classic, but it sure is classy!

The trio:

I also picked up a couple Benellis in Aug and a left-hand 1187 for my 12-year old son. He‘s a righty, but left-eye dominant. Poor kid!

It's a little early for New Year's Resolutions, but this year, I think mine will be to get out and shoot my shotguns more regularly.
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Jul 9, 2021
LC Smiths are special - I've long wanted a 28 or 410. Beautiful shotguns and lots of fun to use.

Nice piece and even better coming from a special friend!