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Cancer still sux


Guys I think most of you know that I was diagnosed with cancer this past February. Well yesterday I had my first post treatment PET scan. The results initially came back clear. I was told that this could change depending on who is reading the test. That was a little disheartening until they explained what it meant to me, basically the HMFIC hadn't looked at the charts yet and all the other MF'ERS were making sure they covered their asses and the hospitals ass as well. Long story short the HMFIC of my treatment calls and says I am 100% clear, they aren't ever going to say that I am cured, just that I am cancer free. I still have to go back over the next couple of years every few months to get a checkup but I'll take that over every damn week of chem and radiation. Want to say a big thank you to all of you who said a prayer or sent a good thought my way, it is truly appreciated.


Oct 7, 2019
Good news. I had a battle a few years ago as well. Colon cancer. Cancer free since March of 2016. Glad to hear you have it whipped.