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Fashion Show


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Nov 3, 2009
Tough to be a cheapskate hunting with kids in the November Idaho cold out of a backpack, but we manage. Here are highlights.

The ubiquitous Carhartt fleece hats with the partial balaclava have been in the rotation now for 8 years. Highly recommended.

The green patagonia DAS parka in XXS was a real coup, won from ebay last year for about $50.

The multicolor 90s vintage patagonia fleece once graced my inlaws' mom's shoulders. Now it found its way to the hill because I was too cheap to pay full price for something in a more appropriate earth tone. Patagonia makes (made?) good fleece.

The pink number (the Coat of Shame) is a golite puffy bought for pennies when they were going under a while back, and it's been sitting mostly unused by my wife since then. Again, older boy has to wear it because I'm too cheap to buy another. "He looks like a pink nightmare..."

The eddie bauer puffy hoodies are cheap at times, new direct from eddie bauer. Very light, very warm, and down. Kids really like them. Not too practical for the coast or the cascades.

Younger boy sports a Deuter Fox 40 pack in green, bought from a friend for $40. This and the Fox 30 are excellent little kid packs that fit to a range of sizes, right up to where they can transition to an adult pack.

Older boy used my kifaru ultralight frame with the Tahr bag. I want to like this and the newer kifaru frame I have but don't, for myself. Too expensive to carry weight worse than my $50 1980s Dana Alpine. They really suck with weight compared to my Dana external. Older boy likes it though, and it fits him well, so we'll keep it around.

Rifle used: TI action (bought from Joel), Model 7 lightweight 243 barrel, older factory FS stock, 105 HPBT with R17. The boys like carrying that one at <6lbs.

Other rifle: 700 classic in 300 savage chopped to 20", 155 scenars kissing the factory throat at 2.8", I have this one in a B&C alaskan with an AICS mag but it will go back into an ADL of sorts since the scenars fit in the blind mag.
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Apr 30, 2016
100% better than most of the farm shit we wore when I was a kid! Great pics.


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Dec 31, 2007
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100% better than most of the farm shit we wore when I was a kid! Great pics.
I didn't grow up on a farm, but, I had to wear brown cotton Jersey gloves when I was the age of the kids in the above pics. Doubled-up white cotton socks were another suck-fest as were 2 pairs of blue-jeans, cotton "thermal" long-johns, and Moon Boots with bread-sacks.

I remember getting a set of Blaze Orange Winchester insulated coveralls for Christmas one year and being REALLY happy.

Dad wasn't cheap, there just really wasn't good stuff for kids when I was a kid. The kidder you were, the worser is was.

I bought a crap-ton of kiddo stuff in multiple sizes for CHEAP when the Cabelas/BPS merger was taking place. I got enough to get the girls through to the point of being able to wear Women's Small sized stuff and will re-tool as necessary and pass the stuff down to other family.
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May 4, 2010
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This thread brings back some really good memories for me of when I was growing up .
Wearing three pair of “white” Socks with whatever shoes I had that still fit.
Two pair of jeans and sometimes cotton long Johns
Multiple shirts with whatever jacket.
No gloves (kept right hand in jacket pocket to be able to feel trigger)
Toboggan or baseball cap
Sitting in a deer stand slowly freezing to death
And happier and more focused on everything around me than the next 100 people combined

still wear generic cloths hunting but do dress smarter
It ain’t about always having the best of whatever
It’s about the experience and being out there
Nice job Vek in teaching your kids that and showing them that success comes from who you are and not what you have or wear