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It doesn't have 4 but 2 will do...


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Nov 17, 2007
Surrounded by Idiots in SW,PA
I never had a sport bike but I can see the want for one. I guess I never rode one cause I'd be ascared I'd want one...grin...

They are made and bought and sold everyday. Once you ride its hard to shake that feeling.

Dan In Alaska

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Nov 30, 2007
I've had a motorcycle endorsement on my driver's license since I was 19, but only owned a couple of street bikes. My favorite was a 1986 Yamaha Fazer. I sold it before moving up here, and I wish I would have tried harder to keep it. They only made them for two years, or something like that, and you just don't see them around much.

I've driven lots of different bikes, but I always had a fondness for the V-Max. They've got lots of brawn, without having to get into a birthing position to ride it. :grin: