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Learned Something..


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Mar 6, 2014
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Last week I finished a rifle for a friend. 700, SS 10x,McClassic edge, .243 saami. Used a mullerworks 4 groove 1-7.75" .236" bore finished at 21.759999", the first of his I've used. Friend wanted to shoot 85tsx's, but when I started working loads found it wouldn't group for crap. Bedding and everything checked out and I started questioning my work or the barrel. Switched to moly 105hpbt's and it printed little knots. So what I figure is the tight bore, as opposed to .237 just doesn't work with monos. It also reaches pressure a couple grains early which I expected. Anybody else experience this?


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Dec 9, 2007
not where I would like
Tight bores do raise pressure and speed. Get a few more rounds through it and it will settle down and probably take a little more powder.

Not getting a TSX to group.... Stick probably has the answer...

Big Stick

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Nov 18, 2007
I've never had a .236" fuck up an X.

Snug chambers,snug throats and snug bores will yield more velocity per grain of powder...but like pressures,will make like velocities. There's no such thing as a "fast" barrel or a "slow" barrel,though there are sloppy barrels and snug barrels.

If one HAD to gun Factory fodder for a living and was chasing velocity,a Custom spout/chamber/throat will reliably eek more velocity,than a Linda Lovelace over the counter job.

85's are the fence betwixt '15 and '17. Either/or would suit me in a SALAMI there. I'd be thinking Lapooey positive headspace,200's and a Smooch...if only because I've never seen it not dazzle.

Tough to beat a Hornie 105BTHP for Utility,in said platform................