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Let's do the twist


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Jan 2, 2012
Will a Remmie OEM 243 barrel stabilize a Hornie 105 HPBT?

Also, I'm contemplating 6.5 and 6 Creed builds. How would you twist 'em?

BTW, picked up an Athlon 2-12. Haven't flogged it hard yet but so far it's impressive.


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Dec 23, 2014
I've shot hornady 105 hpbt and amax in factory twist.

1 in 8 is plenty for both creeds, I'm shooting 108 bergers and hornadys through a bartlien 8 twist 6 creed with ease


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Jan 25, 2017
On the OEM question: Probably, but I've had new Remington 243 barrels vary between 9 1/8" and 9 7/8" twist as measured by yours truly. The latter of the two wouldn't shoot them well.

I'm of the same opinion as Bowhunter and Dude in that my new 6mm creed would be 1-8". I have one currently that is 1-7" and it shoots great. My buddy has the same brand barrel, twist, and chambering, but at 800ish rounds it is doing weird stuff with 105 grain bullets at the speeds that he has shot from the beginning. We think the bullet jackets are being degraded some now that the barrel isn't "new". He's at something like 326k rpm in the 1-7" barrel, where a 1-8" would put him at 285k and still easily stabilize the bullets that he's shooting.


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Dec 31, 2010
My main .243 for a long time had a factory barrel, and did very well with 105 Amaxes. Didn’t shoot the HPBT near as good, but holes were round.


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Apr 30, 2016
I'd have to think about it long and hard, maybe do some math, but a faster twist in 6.5 might be useful. Bullets are still getting longer and the lower velocity would make rpm concerns lesser. 1:8 was very fast for a .224" a few years ago; now I'd be looking at 7 for a new barrel.

Big Stick

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Nov 18, 2007
The typical OEM Big Green 9" and small change RPM in 6mm,will do 105's proud at Low Tide in Winter.

I've got Seex Kreeds in 7",7.5" and 8"...though all of my 264 Kreeds are 8". I'd go 7" in Seex Kreed,as the110's are fairly Nasty Bitches and grant a .6xx BC.

As .224" bore sizing goes,my RPM choice would depend upon the exact chambering. 7" in 223,223AI,22 PPC AFI,22BR and the like. 8" will do nice thangs in 224 Speedmire with 88's at Low Tide in Winter.

I hear through The Grapevine that a 7" RPM 22PPC AFI Mini Howie is enroute and I am fucking chomping at the bit!...................(grin)