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Perforatin' a porker with a Pistola


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Jul 26, 2010
Pearland, Texas in the USof A
Had the opportunity to make a quick trip up to my lease last week. Had not been there in a fort-night. Got there Thursday evening about 7 PM. By time I got the ATV loaded up with all the gear to set snares and then sit in the stand for an hour or two after dark it was 7:30. There is a fence line near the middle of the property that has holes in the fence and the hogs use it as a travel route. Perfect for snaring. I get within 75 yards of where I set my first snare and I spied something reddish brown that seemed out of place. The sun was setting and it backlighted this good sized pig rooting in a brush-pile. Since he was by himself I figured it was a boar. I had my rifle strapped down in a scabbard, unloaded. By the time I got everything unlimbered he had meandered off into the brush. You would think that as much as I hunt hogs I’d have had my rifle out and ready. But no.

So I set my snares.

Oh well, being 20 miles from the nearest town and six miles off the road, setting snares, and watching a full moon rise over the hills has cathartic benefits all by itself.

Set out till about 9:30PM, but no hogs. One of my buds was to show up about 10PM so I went back to camp and built a fire. We ended up sitting up past mid-nite palavering and solving the worlds problems.
Slept in Friday morning.

Seems like in my old-age I enjoy doing that more and more. Let the snares do some of the work. LOL.

Sure nuff’ that ol’ red boar that I had seen the night before made the mistake of going thru a hole in the fence where I had a snare set up.

My bud was with me as he wanted to run the snares with me and set up some game cams. When I spied the hog at the second snare, the critter was laying down like he was dead. I mentioned to my bud, “I wander if he’s dead”. I rode up to within 15 ‘ of where he was. That was when it started. The boar jumped up and charged. I drew my pistol and started shooting. Although a 150 lb boar don’t usually break a snare line, ya never know. It’s a rush watching them hit the end of the line and go belly up with all four legs in the air.

Well to make a short story even shorter, I won, he lost. The Glock 20 in 10 mm flat works.

Wonder how long it would take a guy to get tired of doing this………