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Ruger 77/17 77 WSM

Dec 15, 2007
Ok, Stick...

I finally bought one of these things. I can't tell you how long it's taken to find one that wasn't either stupidly expensive or beat to hell...

Apparently, the older models with the 24" barrel and a walnut stock seem to bring a premium...over $1,200 on Gunbroker...

Finally, a couple of weeks ago I came across a new 18" all-weather model on from a seller that I bought a crapload of Anschutz magazines from a few months ago. He added it late one evening and I saw it listed that night. I sent him an email letting him know I'd take it and reminded him of the magazines...hoping he'd remember me.

The next morning, I called shortly after they opened and told him I wanted to buy the his credit, he wouldn't even tell me anything about it until he knew he was talking to the guy from Tennessee that bought all of those Anschutz and Sig Trailside magazines...

$700 later, it was on its way.

I've been curious about the caliber for a long time but never heard enough good things to pull the trigger on any of the options until Larry kept talking up his.

I threw a Bushnell AR Optics 4.5-18 on it because it was laying around, and headed to the range.

I had some American Eagle 20 gr ballistic tips and some Winchester as well.

The bolt is a little hard to close, but that's the complaint I've seen for every rifle in this caliber.

After I fired the first round, several guys I was shooting with were all like WTF...we'd all been shooting 22's, getting ready for NRL22 matches, silhouette matches, and steel the report of the WSM was a little loud...

All I can say is that the little rifle hums right along...and the American Eagle shot way better than I expected, although I did have 3 rounds out of 50 that refused to fire after being hit 6 times, rotating the case between each strike...

I still haven't tried out the Winchester, but busted lollipops on the target frames at 124 and 146 yards using the AE.

I see that there is some Browning 25gr ammo available...has anybody tried it?

I figure I need to go ahead and stock up on this round since it seems to be about the only thing out there that people aren't mortgaging their house and maxing out their credit cards to buy...but figured I'd try to see WTF on the Browning since there isn't any local and they have a 25% rebate. I figure a case or two should get me through for a while but thought I'd ask those that know first.

So what's the consensus on ammo?
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Big Stick

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Nov 18, 2007
The Browning is obviously rebadged and like any/all things Rimfire,i'd wanna shoot some,before buying a barge load. Have seen/shot a bit of it,but you'll always do best,by listening to your rifle(s).

The Whizzum is simply fucking flat out AMAZING and it's stretched out here routinely,to where most would never engage a Centerfire.(grin)

LOVE the chambering!..............