So I have this Annie...


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Oct 23, 2014
And it needs a bolt. Gonna send it to Altius and have one headspaced but then I'm left looking for a stock. Was thinking I'd have him inlet a flat top A5 or even an EH1 but I'm thinking the MDT would be a lot easier. I'm not familiar with the 54 repeater mag set up. Could it be done on a two extractor gun?


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Mar 6, 2014
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Mine is a two extractor and Mark said he could make it repeat. You might call him or I could send a quick text if you want.

Big Stick

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Nov 18, 2007
A single shot don't piss me off and will likely shoot better,due to less bullet deformation.

If I recall,Altius was about $500 to buy/fit a bolt. All of the stocks cited,are more than that,when ready to shoot. The repeater conversion is likely another $500.

Lotsa ways to look at things,but scoring a repeater ready to roll,might be an attractive option. CC has 1712 FWT barreled action repeaters for $1200 or so. One of my guys at work went that way,because he couldn't ever quite snage a repeater ready to roll. It's headed for a MDT Chassis and a barrel chop.

A nice looking 1710 DKL just went for $1350 on The 'Central..................