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Thank Me Later..........


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Oct 1, 2018
I'll put them to some cold weather testing as soon as we get it. My old Sig Kilo 2400 range finder died at -20. Sig was good to replace with a full new one. Hoping these fare better.

Low and behold.....CameraLand is sold out!!!
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May 18, 2021
Yeah I gotta hear cold weather reports before jumping.

bino’s go in a harness or on a tripod and at below zero I can’t protect battery when glassing for hours.

It’s fucking cold right now most mornings. It was 20 below wind chill easily yesterday.

Sig kilo 2000 backup does better then the 2200 for fending the cold.. but the range finder glass sucks ass. Badly

and won’t hit deer at 700 if it’s low angle.

Most of this shit seems junk for hard use. Build in 8000 functions instead of giving me max hard use battery life and O features.. prs kooks are better then wool/blues/walnut fudds tho.