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Yoder Smoker


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Jan 15, 2016
NSW, Australia

Anyone got some drum on the Yoder pellet smokers? The linked one below is one I'm considering...

I'm a novice when it comes to this smoking stuff. To date I've only ever used one of those small pressed steel boxes you full with soaked chips and smoke under the hood of your gas barby. Time to take the step up...

Anyone used this brand or other suggestions?

The Bradley is under consideration too because it looks so easy but all suggestions will help me.

(Obviously I can't get all brands down here but the Yoder is one that's available.)


Dan In Alaska

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Nov 30, 2007
I am not a fan of the pellet grill/smokers. They are big and expensive, and offer very little actual rack space.

I had a Brinkman pellet grill, copy of the Traeger. It made some good-tasting food (I've since gotten rid of it), but they are not without their drawbacks and limitations. I bought the Brinkman for $150 on closeout at Home Depot, but I don't think any of the pellet smokers are worth full retail.

I now run a $150 Masterbuilt electric smoker, and it works fine, so long as you don't plug it into a GFCI outlet. For some reason, the GCFI smokes the logic boards in these things - the logic board on the Brinkman went out the same way ($38 fix). Masterbuilt sent me a free logic board under warranty, and I never plugged it into a GFCI outlet, again. That was years ago, and it has worked fine ever since.

The way I see it, buy a grill to use as a grill, and get a dedicated smoker for smoking. And, smokers don't have to be fancy to put out a good product. I have since seen that Mastercraft go on sale for $99, at Cabelas.

One last thing....
An electric smoker will typically give you better heat control, and will dry the smoked product better than a propane model. Proper drying is especially important when smoking fish.


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Dec 23, 2014
I've got a treager pellet grill I bought cheap as a scratch and dent, floor model. I really like it for all around use.

I agree with Dan about the electrics for proper smoking of fish, I think the pellet grills get too hot. But for what I do I prefer the pellet grill as I think it is more versatile.

I've never heard of the Yoder but it looks like a nice grill and a step up in quality from what I have


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Jan 15, 2016
NSW, Australia
Ok thanks for the common sense talking-to.

Already have plenty of grill options from gas barby to open coals and camp fires so I’ll set that aside and concentrate on a cold smoking option.

Thanks again.


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Jul 30, 2008
Just as something to think about, my wife would never touch a grill or a smoker. However, she loves the Green Mountain pellet smoker we have and uses it more than I do.

It's nice to be able to get some smoke in even when cooking something for even just a few hours...
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